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August 2021

Work has been completed (apart from the small strip towards the East Whitburn end, on which we will provide an update as soon as possible (Phase 2)).

This path would not have been possible without the support of Paths for All, West Lothian Council, The Woodland Trust and our amazing community.

Later in the year, The Woodland Trust will also be completing works on additional paths on the bing itself.

If you are out walking along the path please can you scan the QR code on the posters pictured below.

We are trying to get facts and figures in place before WLC consult with the farmer, whose land part of the path goes through, which is currently impassable. This is a public right of way.

Could we ask that you take part in this survey (less than 1 min) and help us gather the information required to help both our community and East Whitburn.




Fulshie Path Phase 1: News
Fulshie Path Phase 1: Pro Gallery
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