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Who Are We and What We Do?

Stoneyburn and Bents Future Vision Group SCIO is a Community Development Trust, led and driven by our local community.  The Vision Group was founded in 2012 by residents of the village who wanted to support and develop the regeneration of the local area.  

Our aim is to advance community development and citizenship, including regeneration (both environmental and economic). The Vision Group believes in bringing together active members of the community to help address local issues creatively, using self-help, trading for social purposes and, where appropriate, ownership of buildings and land to bring about long lasting social, rural economic and environmental benefits – not just for our own generations, but for many more generations to come. We are an 'anchor' organisation – identifying opportunities to develop services and facilities, finding solutions to local problems and helping other organisations and initiatives succeed.

The Vision Group provides a variety of different activities, support, and groups within the local community encompassing all ages: from our toddlers and our Amigos, to our Young @ Heart Programme. We also run several events throughout the year to help bring the local community together; to strengthen and build relationships; and to support the regeneration of our village.  Many of our groups and activities are based within our Hub at Stoneyburn Workshops with the remaining groups held within venues across our community.


Our Community 

Stoneyburn and Bents is a village built on its rich coal mining history. It sits in the west of West Lothian, and forms part of the Breich Valley. Stoneyburn and Bents were once quite separate little mining communities. However, over the years, as housing has spread, it has all but become a single village. Stoneyburn and Bents is 7 miles southwest of Livingston in West Lothian. It is 21 miles from the centre of Edinburgh and 29 miles from the centre of Glasgow. Today Stoneyburn and Bents has a resident population of around 1900. The Village is quite isolated but retains a strong sense of belonging and an excellent sense of community, where the vast majority (87%) of people rate it as a good place to live (Community Consultations). Today, Stoneyburn and Bents is a changing community, with new houses being built and new people moving into the area. The village has a wide range of organisations and activities supported by an active community who are willing to participate in making Stoneyburn and Bents a better place to live. Our Community Groups play a vital role in supporting the development of our community and regularly come together to support the village.

Community Development Trusts

Community Development Trusts are community-owned and led not-for-profit organisations that:

  • Support the economic, environmental, and social regeneration of a local community

  • Build Sustainable Communities

  • Are involved in trading and delivering services, as community enterprises and growing community-owned assets

  • Are Independent, yet actively involved in partnerships and alliances between the community, voluntary, public, and private sectors.

    For further information see Development Trusts Association Scotland of which we are a member.

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